Educational SERIES FOR YOU

A new series of videos allowing you to discover the wisdom of the horse without leaving the comfort of your home and hearth. 

In our first show, you’ll learn how to access the breath and through simple steps create the energy you’ll need to feel calm, curious and creative in your life RIGHT NOW!

Change-Challenging You to Grow

In this video, I’ll share with you several critical life skills that will allow you to embrace change and keep a sense of challenge and growth alive throughout your life 

FOUND: My Sense of Self, Part 1 Believe in Yourself

In the first of a five video series, Cathy shares with you the life lessons for strengthening your sense of self and help you master the skills to be the best version of you. The wise and intuitive horse will demonstrate how, through inspired action and small steps every day, you will learn to be responsible for 100% of what is yours to decide and choose only what is best for you in every situation.

Social Distancing

Horses teach us that asking for personal space and setting boundaries is about holding your own with a sense of internal knowing, that who we are and what we ask for is indisputable

Letting Loose

Nature teaches us how to take care of ourselves and most importantly how to “let loose” once in a while to release stress and get moving for good health and well being!

Meet One of Cathy’s Teachers

“Wave” 13 year old Arabian Gelding

Wave has been part of my family since 2013 when he arrived as a gift from a student who felt he was too much of a challenge. Once he matured, Wave showed me what a brilliant teacher he is by staying true to his personality-bright, curious, energetic and encouraging me to grow in my own assertiveness while helping my human students during life lessons. Thanks Wave!