Individual Lessons

Equine Experiential Education

Each lesson takes place in a safe, nurturing environment, with gentle, well trained, experienced horses, free of expectations, judgment and criticism. The activities are simple and there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG way to engage with the horse. 

This is a chance for you to find your own answers, to learn to recognize what has meaning for you and most importantly, to find the seeds of change that will lead you to greater satisfaction, success and yes, HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE!

How will my life change?…

Get ready to explore your own potential and connect to your true nature. During  Individual Lessons, you will learn to:

  • build confidence and courage
  • get unstuck by recognizing  and changing habits and patterns
  • deepen your relationships and find supportive communities
  • stop procrastinating and become more productive
  • increase self compassion and inner peace
  • be healthier and add more fun to your life
  • DISCOVER your passions and purpose
  • Achieve work/life balance, make REAL CHANGE and…

…You’ll become the best version of you!


What happens before my lesson?

After a conversation on the phone and a specific lesson time has been decided, you will receive a new client intake to complete. In it, you will answer several questions about yourself, determine your readiness for the experiential education process and consider the significant core values in your life. You will also be given educational reading material to inspire you in your journey.

What happens during my lesson?

During your first lesson you will meet with Cathy and the horses and be introduced to safety at the ranch. Your time with the horses is for you and each experience is open to outcome with no right or wrong way to proceed. Together you will decide what areas of your life you would like to explore with the horse as your teacher and Cathy as your guide. You’ll engage in simple but powerful activities with the horse followed by reflection that stimulates discovery of your current beliefs, attitudes and behaviors as you begin to integrate what you have learned into your life going forward

What happens after my lesson?

With Cathy’s gentle guidance, you will be asked to create an individual, unique “homework”, assignment-a way to take what you’ve learned and bring it to your current experiences in life. As you practice and then incorporate the skills you’ve learned during your lessons, into your life, you will see a positive transformation in the way you approach each new experience on your way to mastery.

Cathy will send you a summary of your life lesson, “Working Toward Mastery”  including detailed coaching notes, specific goals for you to work towards and handouts that apply to any life lesson(s) that came up during the coaching session. And of course, you’ll schedule another time for Life Lessons with Horses. 

I found myself at Cathy’s, seeking help for my relationship, with the one I love and want to be with. My experience with Cathy and the horses has been life changing, teaching me a way to have more compassion for others, and myself. A way to see past patterns of mine, and a new way to look at life situations. She is really good at listening to me, and using that information to develop a lesson with the horses. I never know what we’ll be doing until we are in the arena, which makes me nervous. It is self improvement afterall… My experience with the horses has been magical at times, and no matter what, they have revealed some aspects of myself that I can use to help me see a way to improve my part, in my relationship. It is the experience with the horses that stays in my mind, and that helps me to remember the lesson. Cathy is wonderful! Thank you. Aaron

Aaron R.