What We Offer

Equine Experiential Education

This is not about riding! All of our classes are done on the ground with experienced, gentle horses who are sensitive and responsive to the individual. Students will experience the non-judgmental and honest feedback of their equine teachers as they learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

What is Equine Experiential Education?

It is a powerful and effective approach to personal growth and professional development for individuals and groups. It is a process of learning by DOING rather than by talking and listening. E3 uses horses to co-facilitate and educators to help assimilate information from interactive observations. Research has shown that E3 programs significantly improve communication, self esteem, empathy, tolerance for stress, problem solving skills, responsibility, teamwork, leadership skills trust and interpersonal relationships.

Horses are sensitive, intelligent creatures that respond to both positive and negative changes generated by a person’s body and behavior- they mirror or reflect the emotions and energy of the people around them. 

The activities are designed to highlight particular aspects of personal growth such as communication, trust, self confidence, respect, motivation, problem solving, connection and how to raise and lower personal energy and turn it into a tool for empowerment to make things happen.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

 Do you love?…

  • adventure and exploring new places
  • being in the outdoors 
  • animals and nature
  • learning about yourself and others
  • discovering your true potential 
  • making new friends
  • having fun while learning
  • living a healthy and balanced life

…then we can’t wait to meet you!


Classes Available Now!

One on One Life Coaching with Horses

Individual Lessons

After deciding you are ready to commit to spending time with the horse as teacher, you will meet with your coach and facilitator to create a program personally designed for you. Students with a high level of self awareness, interested in devoting time and emotional energy to make positive change in their life will find these lessons inspirational and LIFE CHANGING!


Individual Lessons



Small Group Classes/Retreats

We offer classes and retreats for groups with specific interests, challenges or goals  and design a unique, educational gathering that allows the group to set the standard for accomplishment. This shared experience opens up a deeper awareness with guided reflection that strengthens and clarifies the experience.


Group Size from 4-10 participants

Price Varies with group and length of class/retreat


Life  Lessons with Horses

helps you live longer!

It is a well known fact that when humans learn to create balance in their life, they are more emotionally and physically healthy and they LIVE LONGER! And when humans learn the effect of their external environment on their internal environment, they adapt better habits like:

  • Healthy eating
  • Routine exercise and recreation
  • Better choices of living conditions and relationships
  • Better career choice and work environments

Horses teach you that what you do matters and there is meaning in every action you take toward a more balanced and healthier life!

Social connection is the key to overcoming the destructive forces of anxiety and depression!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do I need experience with horses?

No. The workshops are not about horsemanship, training or riding. The horse is a facilitator for learning because of its unique characteristics (described below). You will have an experienced horse handler available to assist you at all times during the workshops.

Why do you use horses?
  • Horses are responsive beings with a strong awareness and sensitivity to their surroundings
  • Horses can accurately perceive a participant’s state of mind and quickly reflect this back to them
  • Horses provide immediate and honest feedback as to when participants have clear intention and when they do not
  • Horses have as many individual personalities, physical abilities and limitations as the people who work with them
  • Horses accept people for exactly who they are and what they present internally and externally IN THE MOMENT!
  • The ability to successfully communicate with the horse provides the means to learn better ways of communicating with others
What if I'm afraid of horses?

A safety demonstration is given before each session and the horses used in the workshops are trained to work safely around people. If at any time during the activities you feel unsafe or wish to observe only, you are encouraged to notify the staff for help in leaving the arena.

What should i wear to class?

Remember you are dressing to work with horses. Wear clothes that can get dirty and closed toed shoes with sock-no sandals, no exceptions.

WIll there be food served during group classes?

Yes. We love good food and are lucky to live in an area where fresh farm produce is readily available. We have a trained chef that creates delicious food for all of our FULL DAY class participants. Snacks and beverages are available for two hour or half day class. Please let us know if you have any food allergies.

what about weather? What if i have allergies?

Programs are held year round. In the Northwest, summers are warm but sometimes rainy. You will spend time in a covered but unheated arena as well as outdoors in a pasture or roundpen. Dress appropriately for the weather. It is best to layer during all seasons. 

If you have known allergies, please consult your health care professional for recommendations. We keep a clean environment, but it is a farm with animals and plants.

What are the highlights of the experience?
  • Fun without fear as you meet new friends, both human and horse and learn to work as a team in your “herd”
  • Self discovery through immediate, honest, observable feedback from your teacher, the horse
  • Develop confidence, empowerment, compassion, independence and inner healing in a fun, non threatening environment
  • Improved communication, self esteem, empathy, tolerance for stress, problem solving skills, responsibility,  trust and improved interpersonal relationships
  • A chance to nurture your soul and find a greater connection to your natural self through the wisdom & intuition of the horse
Is E3 the same as therapy?

No it is not the same. Cathy is trained as an educator, coach and facilitator.  As a facilitator, her job is to keep the focus on the future, not the past, in the context of a learned skill, not an emotion or past event.  Participants are asked to focus on a social skill they learned, a personal insight, or a life skill that may lead to personal growth and making positive change in your every day life.

What training has Cathy completed that qualifies her to facilitate E3 Classes?

Cathy has completed a certification training with the Equine Experiential Education Association(E3A) which is an international professional membership organization offering training, certification, business development and resources for the implementation of Equine Experiential Education (E3) programs by educators, coaches, professional development trainers and other facilitators.  Cathy is also a certified (International Coach Federation) professional coach. 

How long are each of the activities with the horses?

The activities are 20 to 30 minutes followed by reflection with questions from your coach/facilitator and integration of the knowledge gained into a plan moving forward in your life.

Do i need to be fit or athletic to participate in the class? Will I be riding a horse?

NO. There is no riding involved and any level of fitness is fine. If you can walk a half mile, you are fit enough to participate in the horse activities. If you have special needs and prefer not to walk, you can still be an active team participant. Anyone can enjoy learning from horses in this environment.

what if i have experience with horses?

Interestingly, people who love horses enjoy the classes because it gives them a chance to observe and learn from horses in a different environment. Our experiential teaching is not about horsemanship or riding; rather, you gain insights about yourself from horses, other participants and the facilitators. You get 360 feedback in real time!