The Horses

Meet a wise & Intuitive teacher

People are more willing to accept feedback from a horse than from other humans, as there is no judgment in the horse’s response.  People trust the horse’s reflection as honest and direct.  As we learn from the wisdom of the horse, we develop our intuition and create new possibilities for our lives. These teachers are gentle, experienced and safe-perfect for your class-and NO TESTS!


Horses Are Highly Qualified Teachers with Three Special Qualities! 

Individual Personalities

Horses have as many different personalities as the humans they work with and a strong awareness and sensitivity to their surroundings, making them an incredible reflection of you in each moment of your experience.

Social Structure

Horse family structure, similar to that of humans, encourages connection and mutual support to guarantee survival. Within the equine family, each horse counts on consistent behavior of the other members to maintain stable relationships with each other.

Non Verbal Communication

Horses understand body language and can pick up subtle changes of every creature in their presence. Your ability to successfully communicate with the horse provides the means to learn better ways of communicating with others

Your teachers hold class outdoors in beautiful natural settings where you will have the opportunity to LEARN BY DOING!

Horses give you honest, immediate feedback!

Horses don’t care what you look like, where you come from, what you do or what you wear! They don’t care what race, religion, color, creed or gender you identify with! All they care about is whether you will keep them safe and as part of their herd, demonstrate your ability to direct their movement, with confidence, clarity and conviction. CONSISTENTLY!


Meet One of the Teachers

“Wave” 15 year old Arabian Gelding

Wave has been part of the family since 2013 when he arrived as a gift from a student who felt he was too much of a challenge. Once he matured, Wave showed us what a brilliant teacher he is by staying true to his personality-bright, curious, energetic and encouraging students to grow in their assertiveness as part of  Life Lessons with Horses. Thanks Wave!