Group Lessons

Equine Experiential Education

We offer classes for groups with specific interests, challenges or goals  and design a unique, educational gathering that allows the group to set the standard for accomplishment. This shared experience opens up a deeper awareness with guided reflection that strengthens and clarifies the experience.

This is a chance for you to find your own answers, to learn to recognize what has meaning for you and most importantly, to find the seeds of change that will lead you to greater satisfaction, success and yes, HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE!

How will my life change?…

Get ready to explore your own potential and connect to your true nature. During  Group Lessons, you will learn to:

  • build confidence and courage
  • deepen your relationships and find supportive communities
  • increase self compassion and inner peace
  • be healthier and add more fun to your life

…You’ll become the best version of you!




Horses Helping Healers

Join us for a unique experience in which we will explore and discover the keys to recognize compassion fatigue and master the skills for regaining a healthy sense of self while caring for others.

Anyone who cares for others on a regular basis will benefit from the simple but powerful lessons of the horse.  The horses will give you the space to release your stress and rediscover the individual goals, values and ideals that define you as the remarkable unique individuals you know you can be-YOUR BEST SELF!


Unique educational experience for youth with a chance to spend time in nature, meet new friends and discover fun, inspiration and education with horses.

Students will learn the important life skills of patience and persistence, clear intention and communication and recognizing the individual personalities and perspectives of others. And MUCH MORE…

Fridays this spring. Participants engage in simple activities on the ground with horses. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY and no riding.