“Learn by Doing

Equine Experiential education

   Wanna know how spending time with horses can change your life?

We believe horses have the power to change your life. The lessons you’ll learn will rival any you’ve gained from other places. Horses can challenge your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors immediately , in the first interaction, without judgment or criticism and without big words or flowery advice!

Experiential learning means you don’t have to read a book to understand how to change your behaviors. Your emotions show up in the moment telling you what feels right to you and what doesn’t. You learn to lean into emotionally difficult things and practice a skill you can use RIGHT NOW so you can get more out of your work life, relationships with friends and family and discover what brings joy and excitement back into your life.

You’ll join us in a pasture or arena (there is NO RIDING involved) because you’re brave and trust us to guide you through a really fun experience with safe, well-trained horses. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and into life’s arena!

We create unique, fun experiences with horses that allow you to learn real skills that you can use in your life TODAY!

School was never like this

Unique Classrooms

Our classes are outdoors in beautiful natural locations and lighting,  surrounded by plants & animals!

Equine Teachers

We have the most gentle, trained,safe & experienced teachers, just perfect for your classes…and there’s NO TESTS!

FUN While Learning

 Outdoors with animals and new friends that love adventure and learning by doing!

Horses make perfect teachers…

Horses can sense when you’re hesitant and unsure OR confident and clear in your intention, or when you’re holding back, always second guessing yourself. They can also sense your great capacity for love, joy and creativity & will welcome you with an open heart. They sense a change in your attitude and approach when it happens in your body, before your mind has put it into words.

Why? Because their life depends on it! Horses are experts at reading…body language and express themselves with honest immediate feedback through their own body. You’ll learn from them exactly what you are doing every moment of your life, and how to change it when you discover it doesn’t work! All without judgment or criticism.

…safe, gentle and experienced!

What we offer…

Individual Lessons

If you are ready to explore your full potential and connect to your true nature, join our equine teachers and discover the skills  you’ll need to make serious change in your life-immediately!

Positive change is the goal of experiential learning!

Life Lessons in Nature

Nature Coaching is an approach to coaching developed in connection with Nature (not in a simple “presence” of Nature). It’s aimed at restoring human beings to their natural ability to care for themselves, emotionally, mentally and physically, of other living creatures (human and non-human), and the Earth. 

Learn from the natural world!

Woman in the Arena

Reflections and Insights

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Stop Being Someone’s Emotional Dumpster

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Being So Sure is Not So Good

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You Can Do Magic

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