Explore Self Trust

Group Life Coaching (every Sunday 12:30 to 2:30 pm)  

The horses share their wisdom in a natural, peaceful setting…

Spend time in nature with the wise and intuitive horse as your teacher and guide. This is a weekly group coaching session that explores the topic of self love and self trust as the foundation for a healthy well-balanced life.

  • With self-love and self-trust you can have healthy, enriching, meaningful relationships with family and friends,
  • You can maintain your physical, mental and emotional health through empowering choices and valuable habits.
  • When you see worth and value in yourself, you make time for doing the things that bring you joy and beauty, love and laughter.
  • YOU KNOW what is important when choosing your professional pursuits and..,
  • You have a balanced approach to earning and spending money.
  • You recognize the importance of seeing your life as a part of a larger whole, a part of humanity and all its unknowns and you’re OKAY WITH THAT!


What’s Horses* Got to Do with It? First and foremost, humans are more likely to take feedback from a nonjudgmental, non-critical teacher like the horse. Their immediate responses  work beautifully to give each person the insight they need to understand their words and actions.

The horses and your response to them during simple activities (on the ground, there’s no riding) are a reflection of your current approach to life and show you how to live more honestly, closer to your true self-like they do!

“You yourself as much as anyone in the entire universe deserve your love and affection”-Buddha

STARTING June 12, 2022

COST: $30 per person 

LOCATION: Healing Hearts Ranch, 3500 85th Lane SW Olympia, WA

Limit 6 participants-Schedule a discovery call to help answer your questions and register you for group coaching.

Sessions are weekly through the summer and fall. *No experience necessary and no riding involved.

*Refund/cancellation policy



  • What it takes to recognize your own worth and value
  • How to share your point of view with others even when there’s no guarantee they’ll agree, because YOUR FEELINGS MATTER!
  • How to change the negative self talk of self-judgment and criticism to courageous self talk
  • How your perspectives and beliefs are shaped by the stories you tell yourself
  • The power of “paying attention on purpose” to what’s important in your life
  • Practical life skills you can use to gain greater self love and trust
Cathy Mahon

Cathy Mahon


Cathy  is the founder and owner of Life Lessons with Horses . She is a dedicated teacher, facilitator and coach with 30 years experience with horses who loves to share her wisdom and knowledge with everyone. Cathy’s experience with the horses has taught her patience, assertiveness and compassion for all beings. Cathy is committed to individuals and organizations seeking greater personal and professional growth. She is a certified Equine Experiential Education (E3) facilitator as well as a certified coach, speaker and writer. She will facilitate  with her partners and teachers, the horses.