Group Lessons

Equine Experiential Education

We offer classes for groups with specific interests, challenges or goals  and design a unique, educational gathering that allows the group to set the standard for accomplishment. This shared experience opens up a deeper awareness with guided reflection that strengthens and clarifies the experience.

This is a chance for you to find your own answers, to learn to recognize what has meaning for you and most importantly, to find the seeds of change that will lead you to greater satisfaction, success and yes, HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE!

How will my life change?…

Get ready to explore your own potential and connect to your true nature. During  Group Lessons, you will learn to:

  • build confidence and courage
  • deepen your relationships and find supportive communities
  • increase self compassion and inner peace
  • be healthier and add more fun to your life

…You’ll become the best version of you!


Discount For Group Experiences thru June 2019!

"Writing Horses" Retreat

An exploration of the horse-human interface, writing, and the creative process. Writers and horse lovers of all levels of experience welcome! This one day experience will open your mind and heart to explore and discover a new way of expressing yourself! COMING SUMMER 2019

Life Lessons for Adults....with Kids

Gain a greater understanding of your relationship with family through activities with the horses. You’ll improve your communication and problem solving skills and learn to more easily assert boundaries in your interactions with your kids. COMING SPRING 2019

Life Lessons for Women"s Esteem

Gain greater sense of self worth and trust in your authentic self. The horses reflect your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors in a safe and nonjudgmental environment with support and encouragement from your human friends. COMING SPRING 2019